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These wallets fold up in an accordion type fold.  The front is half of a cassette, the back is the other half, and a wide strap wraps around the entire wallet and fastens to the front.  When unfolded:  There is a slot for bills and a slot for a credit card or driver's license.  And of course, the Crash Landing label.

Wallets range from $15.00 to $20.00
If you are ordering one, let me know what kind of music you like  :)



Chicago 18 cassette tape wallet
[ sold ]

This was custom ordered by a friend

Here it is kinda half-way folded

This is the outside of the wallet.  That's the strap ^



generic cassette tape wallet
[ sold ]

I have to say these things are pretty cool, I have so much fun making them.  This is what they look like all folded up:

This is what the wallet looks like on the inside when unfolded...
On the far left of this one is the slot for a credit card or whatever, in the middle is the folder for the bills, and on the far right is miniature coin purse.

                        Stryper Cassette tape wallet                          
[ sold ]

Here's another one.  It turned out very nice, I'm resisting keeping it...
Ah, Stryper.

Here's the inside.  The miniature coin purse didn't work out as well as I'd hoped, so I left it off of this one. 

This is what the back looks like when it's all unfolded...


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Awesome !!!!! Your stuff is soooooo cool !! :)