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This is just a page for projects I've been working on.... New things get posted on the main page, but check here often to stay updated- you get to see products in the making,
and get some insight on what goes into this stuff.


Monday February 13, 2012

Ok.. Here's the "undergarment".  I didn't post it on the main page.. just cuz.  For one thing I don't want to get into selling these or anything. (ha.)  And it's weird.  ;)  My mannequin is a little too big for this though, but you get the idea-




the end.


Sunday February 12, 2012

 Winter knitting projects:  Skeleton Key slouchy tam, and Star Wars guy hat

I made a new hat for myself this month.. "Skeleton Key" because the cables look like the tops of old skeleton keys.  Found a great pattern here: 

Here I'm in the process of knitting a round on the circulars.. this really didn't take very long to finish, which is surprising, because the cables were a bit complex.  Really fun though  :)

Shortly after this picture I had to switch to the DPNs because the hat was stretched too tight from the decreases.. Starting to get used to them, but they're so hard to shuffle around.

 All finished!  :D  Two of the cables on each side somehow wound up too close to each other, and therefore upsetting the balance of the pattern.. I noticed this about half-way into the hat, but there was no way I was going to rip it all out and start over.  When you're working on the circulars it's pretty easy to get mixed up or twisted on the first few rows..  I really don't mind though, I just had to adjust the pattern a little as I went and had to rework the center cable a little.  Ah well.  A friend asked me to make one for her as well, so hopefully it will turn out better.

This is a hat I made for my wonderful brother, not too long after the slouchy tam.  I made one like this for him last year, but it flew off his head while we were jogging on vacation and it fell in the river and floated away...  XD
It's the Star Wars rebel insignia, for those of you who don't know or couldn't tell  ;)


Tuesday February 7, 2012

here's some pictures of the new Zombie Apocalypse bag while I was working on it.. 

These are the fabrics used- and part of the finished bag next to the pile.

 Here I'm working on pinning the fabrics down to the burlap base

In the process of quilting the back of the bag and the flap, they're on the same piece.

quilting close-ups


Tuesday January 3, 2012

Ok- somehow, a bunch of my recent updates on this page have magically disappeared......... Where is September - December??  Of course it's not my fault, I didn't do something wrong of course (ha).... So I'm not naming any names, but thanks a lot, oh hoster of my blog.  I hate you Blogspot.com.  :P   (whoa, geez- who said that???)  And to be honest, I'm really rather pissed.
It's going to take forever to find all those pictures and try to remember what the heck I was doing.. grrrrr.

In the meantime I guess I might as well post something new-ish I was working on last week, or maybe it was the week before..

I don't remember if I've ever put any pictures up of the Tea Bags, but here's one in progress.  There's (part of) my pile of used up tea packets on my bedroom floor ^ with my cup of tea.  hehe.  (Yogi Tea is the best!)
So after actually drinking all the tea, the first step is to pick your tea packets and try to build the bag in your head so you know how many you'll need.
(not sure what happened with this picture, but something didn't work...) 
In the left hand corner you can see I'm laying the packets out trying to visualize everything, I've chosen orange Hedley's organic peach tea packets and separated the front of the packet from the back of the packet.  That's kinda hard, really slow. 

Sewing them together.  They will go together side-by-side in panels, this will be the front of the bag.

I'll put finished pictures on the main page.. um, eventually   :)


Thursday September 1, 2011

Custom ordered arm bracer in progress..  This one's for a friend-

Here I'm just sort of trying this and that, laying things down.. seeing what looks good.

After much deliberation (along with changing my mind several times) I decided to go with it the way it was in the last picture.  Here I'm in the process of stitching it up-

And, yes, I know everything is all over the place here and you have to go to three different pages just to see all the pictures for one thing... sorry, rethinking layout stuff.  So yeah:  final pictures and description on the Jewelry page.  Except for the somewhat awkward fact that this is a dude bracer, 
and the word jewelry seems to subtract from the manly coolness of it rather horribly.......................  
again, apologies  XD

Fashion show update:

You may have seen on the main page that I was considering re-constructing
a guy's blazer/suit coat/fill-in-the-blank jacket thing for the Freedom By Fashion show.  Well I did wind up making one, and I have to say it turned out pretty cool  :D  It's got scraps of burlap and red/black striped fabric patches and tatters all over with metal buttons and chunky vintage metal zippers.  Wish I had taken some final pictures, but didn't have time.

In order to finish the dress and the blazer, I had to stay up all night- two 1/2 nights in a row..... blehh.  Wasn't too bad actually (except for sucking on the instant coffee packets to keep from dying... that was a little gross), and I think I'm finally caught up on sleep now, so it's all good  ;) 

The Wendy Skirt
Bird of Paradise dress
Lost Boy Blazer
Mad Hatter dress

Here I am, slaving away on the new dress  ;)  I wanted you to see my awesome pincushion ^  lol

Can't wait!



Monday August 29, 2011

Ok, this is what "The Mad Hatter dress" looked like in it's beginning stages.... It's done now, but I didn't have time to take final pictures of it because I had to mail it (and everything else for the fashion show) the day I finished it.  So yeah, I'll be putting pictures up as soon as I can after the show  :)  

 The base of the bodice was made without a pattern in a very dark blue/grey color.  There is some very cool eyelet lace in the front that v's to a point where the skirt will begin.  And yes, those strips of fabric hanging off the bodice are mens neck ties  :)  There is a tie on both sides of the dress that turns into an off-the-shoulder strap.. You can sort of see one of the straps here, it's the red and lavender bit of fabric that's hanging down awkwardly at the shoulder.

This is the neck tie that  ^  turns into the strap
The same eyelet lace that is in the front is also on each side of the opening in back for the lace-up... The entire back of the bodice laces up with black cord.  Bellow that is a metal zipper.
Here it is a little farther along.. Some chartreuse green slick stuff, soft brown fabric with a black diamond pattern, and the same blue fabric from the bodice.  It looks rather silly here, I really wish I had taken some finished pictures!  :/  The fabrics in the skirt creep all the way up the bodice in panels.  The bodice is entirely covered in skirt fabric and is carefully quilted so that it fits perfectly.  There is enough hand stitching on the bodice that my fingers are still a bit sore  ;)  had duct-tape and band aides on every other finger from sticking myself so bad!  heheh. 
More pics when the fashion show is over...


Monday July 4, 2011

A new friend of mine ordered a cassette tape wallet..
(He had never heard of any of the lovely 80's bands on the tapes I have-  *gasp*  -so I chose for him, Chicago 18)  Here's a couple pics of the process:

^  There's half of the gutted cassette.
Just measuring and pinning to make sure everything comes together properly.

The front/outside of the wallet will is a grey thin striped fabric that Levi picked out.  The inside is black.

The wallet is put together, now the cassette halves get stitched on.

This is the strap that will close the wallet

Finished pictures are on the wallet page-  Thanks Levi!  :)


Sunday May 1, 2011

Ok- here's some finished pictures of the shirt (more on the clothes page), and I've been working on a new dress for a friend to wear to a dance.  No pattern for this one either... The material for it was snatched out of a free box outside of a vintage store downtown.  This dress is being made from the skirt of the old dress, and man, that thing was ugly.  Here's the pics:

"I never forget" punk tee- see it on the clothes page.

The Eva dress- clothes page.


Tuesday March 22, 2011

The patternless shirt was finished a couple weeks ago, but I have been unable to post pictures (I'm on vacation!)... So yeah, I'll have some finished pictures of that up, um, eventually  :)


Friday March 4, 2011

A shirt.  A black one.  This is a picture of the first stage- the fabric is pinned to fit the mannequin and then I begin sewing by hand while it is still on the mannequin.  The fabric I chose for this shirt was not in one big piece, so I had to patch it.. It seems to give some more visual interest.  The hot pink collar was clipped off of an old t-shirt I wore when I was like, 13!  ( I'm so glad I saved all those old clothes)  I also have another piece of the old shirt that will be added as a detail after I have the hand seams done.

See where the pins are?  That's where the fabric had to be patched..

Here is the back- that strip of fabric that looks really awkward all the way down the side is temporary... That seam is there to hold everything together.  When it comes off the mannequin that seam will be replaced by an electric blue zipper.


Saturday February 5, 2011

There are random tatters all over the dress

 Getting closer... Now the second strap is on, and the skirt is a bit thicker


Friday February 4, 2011

Making progress- the skirt will be made up of tattered strips of fabric remnants... Lots and lots of tattered fabric remnants.

Getting the straps put together and pinned down

This is the back of the strap... Those random buttons don't serve a purpose, they just look cool.  Same with all that zig-zaggy stitching

This is the other side, I don't have the strap on yet...


Tuesday February 1, 2011

This is the bodice of a new dress I'm working on, it's made without a pattern. 
Admire my wonky duct-tape mannequin  :)

Here's the back so far... It's supposed to look like that  ;) 


Thursday January 20, 2011
This is a piece of a custom ordered bag I had this week... A bit hard to tell what it is, but that's the messenger bag flap and just underneath is the front of the bag.

Here's what it looks like with the flap open... This is the front of the bag.  The black piece at the top is the open flap.  There are two pockets and some decoration tatters to the left.  I'm quite pleased with how the pockets turned out! 

Here, my little sister is helping me sew the tatters down.  She's learning fast, "the force is strong with this one" 

Getting the long, messenger bag strap ready... I always do the strap last because it's a bit tricky.  This one starts out wide at the bottom where it connects to the bag, then it tapers to a thin strip at the shoulder and then out again.  Makes it a lot more comfortable than one width all the way around...

Lots of pinning and ironing...

Sewing up the sides and bottom

Finishing touches on the strap, details: the funnest part


Monday January 17, 2011
Made a custom order wallet this week.  Needle-nose pliers, chalk, super glue, and clear nail polish are tools
that I use for just about every project  :) 

Cutting it out...

Almost done -


JamieG said...

LOVE Feb 4th and 5th dresses too!!! Holy cow, you have the coolest, most creative design eye ever! SOOO love it! :D

x::november::x said...

Thank you Jamie!! :D