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I designed and made these myself.. the materials come from thrift stores and vintage shops, some of it is given to me, and some is from old clothes. This means that, like everything else here, these clothes are one-of-a-kind. My supplies run out and are replaced constantly, so if you want to order one of these clothing styles please understand that the fabrics will be different (though similar) from the one in the picture. That's kinda cool though, I mean, no one else in the world will ever have a dress exactly like yours  ;)
You can also mail a piece of clothing to me if you want it to be re-done, give me an idea of how crazy you want me to go, and I'll fix it up and mail it back!

I love custom orders  :)


Zombie Apocalypse skirt
:: $75.00 ::

The scraps are quilted at the top of the skirt.. much of it by hand.  The tattered bits of fabric crawl off the skirt and hang loosely over a very full black "bubble" type skirt.  Hits above the knees.

 fabrics used:  brown silk with scattered chevron patterns, a coarse thick green linen, thin black and white wool mix with a thin zig-zag pattern, black lace, and black & gray striped t-shirt material.

This thing is kind of a mix between a skirt and a tutu.  I like tutus.

(a nap in the grass.. or rising out of my grave?  ;)

^  the back..

There are four pockets on the skirt:


 3, 4  

ok- I've had my fun, I'm done with the zombie thing.. you're welcome ;)


The Ex-Military dress
:: $100.00 ::

 This dress is a dark army green color, and the fabric is sturdy and coarse.
In contrast, the cut and shape of the dress are pretty and feminine, while remaining a bit edgy- 

The front of the bodice is fitted and tapered to a 'V' shape at the skirt.
A strip of old black lace runs down the front and ends at the skirt.
(don't be fooled, that's a really uncomfortable position to sit in.  I'm trying really hard not to fall over.  you can probably tell by the humorous expression on my face...)

The back of the dress is scooped low to reveal more black lace, 
covering the exposed skin.  The lace is optional.

 Two very long black and silver metal zippers run down the back of the dress, adding some interest,
but also making the dress easier to get on and off.

Also a pretty versatile dress..  here we've got a sweater and a belt to change things up a bit.

The skirt is obviously shorter in front than in back, it's also full and twirly.  Great for dancing.


Expressions Of  Vader
:: $20.00 ::
[ sold ]

 the shirt has wide black and gray stripes up both sides (and a wide strap of the same material across the low-cut back).  "expressions of vader" was cut out and re-positioned, and the collar has a "princess" related cut with more stripes underneath.

as I said, this is a guy shirt from Walmart.. you can customize anything.
I'm working on re-making a band tee right now, we'll see how it goes!



War-Zone Tee
:: $20.00 ::

This is made from a couple different shirts.. The main piece is from something that was more of a short informal baby-doll type dress.  The original dress thing had stretchy smocking type stuff all the way around under the pink and black stripes.  From there the dress got really big and obnoxious.  There were spaghetti straps on the dress, and a low back.  There was also a really gross clingy polyester lining that was really uncomfortable.

I shortened the dress to a normal shirt length, did some stuff to the front of the bodice, and added a wide criss-cross back with black fabric and gray scraps from the dress (and safety pins for decoration).  I also added fitted black sleeves that were taken from another shirt.  As you can see in the picture, there is now a long, chunky metal zipper on the right side of the shirt.  It unzips to the top, making it easier to get on.

On the left side of the shirt is a cool pattern of roses in muted grays, whites, and blacks.  The roses go all the way up the bodice.  There's wide pleat type things probably every three inches or so, all the way around the shirt.... This gives it a really nice fit, but still hangs loose- so it's not tight, it's comfortable.

More pictures on the diary page  :)


the Mad Hatter Dress
 :: $300.00 ::

Here it is! 
This dress was inspired by The Mad Hatter, my great uncle's neck ties, and a couple select pieces of fabric.

The bodice on this thing is carefully quilted (some of it by hand.. ouch) with a very thick and full skirt. 
The fabrics start at the top of the bodice and trace their way down to the skirt where they are left loose.  The sleeves are men's neck ties that start in front, hang off the shoulder, go all the way down the back of the bodice and finish in the skirt.  The front of the bodice has a large V shaped bit of thick eyelet lace in a diamond pattern, which draws some inspiration from formal victorian gowns.  In the back of the skirt is a ruffled bustle type thing under the skirt that is made from some old ruffled sheer curtains.  That's about where the similarities end- between the Mad Hatter dress and a victorian style dress  ;)

There are two long and full strips of fabric in back of the dress that tie in a big bow over the "bustle" type thing.  The edges of the bow are raw and fraying.

The dress is made of my great uncle's neck ties, his silk scarves, some amazing fabric I found in a thrift store, eyelet from a garage sale, and old curtains.  The fabrics (except for the ties) are bunched, wadded, and quilted at the bodice and then left loose and tacked at the hips to bell out for a big skirt.

The back of the skirt is longer than the front..
The eyelet lace from the front is also in the back of the bodice where the dress laces up with thin black cord.

One of the plus sides of wearing a dress that has ragged edges and tatters with stockings that are completely shredded, is that you don't have to worry much about little rips and tears from the thorn bushes.. or tea stains for that matter.

On the front of the dress there is a random little tattered strip of bright green silky fabric that is partially stitched to the eyelet with plum colored thread.  The rest of it hangs loosly.  There is a pointless metal black zipper at the bottom of the eyelet lace in front, you can see part of it here  ^

You can see some hand stitching here, and the zipper ^

Close-up side shot..  Check out the zig-zaggy quilting 

The back

The corset-like lace up makes this thing pretty adjustable.  Looser or tighter depending on your size.

Front of the skirt

Back of the skirt

I need to get my friends to start modeling this stuff, 'cause it makes me feel odd.. I'd rather be taking the pictures  :)



the Lost Boy Blazer
:: $60.00 ::

Over the right shoulder is a large scrap of burlap from a Brazilian coffee bean sack, stripes, and a few awesome buttons.  On the left hip is some more burlap with printed numbers that wraps around to the front, tattered stripes, printed flowers and a rivet.  Across the back of the blazer there are rips and small holes.

^  A couple of the buttons are metal

Oklatin name of the flower is in fancy curly lettering.

Close up

Here's the front of the blazer... metal zipper hand stitched, black and red random tatters, a small pocket off one of my t-shirts, and some cool metal buttons.

This is the right side:

Left side:

Check out the sleeve  ^

That's it  :)



The Wendy skirt
:: $100.00 ::

I've always thought that the girl from the Peter Pan story should have stayed in Neverland... And this is something like I would imagine her to wear.  Rags and scraps and cobwebs  :)
I really like this skirt, and I had so much fun making it.  It's very full and "twirly".

I started by pinning fabric to my duct-tape mannequin... It kinda went from there.  Scraps and bits of this and that found they're way in, shreds and tatters too.  The fabrics used in this skirt:  old sturdy purple drapes, bleach stained/peach colored cotton mix,  deep black scarves, a really cool turquoise scarf, antique-white lace, some rough weave blue silk, bits of a really nice green color, black soft tulle, some great white stuff that has big grease spots and stains all over it- looks like it could have been a really big rag in someone's garage for the last ten years, some gray silky fabric with blue and dark gray flowers.... I think that's everything.

(I know you want them, but you can't have my stripey bumble-bee stockings)

On this side (the right hip), is a blue zipper sewn to the outside (traditionally zippers are sewn to the inside so you can't see them.... but I like to see them, so this one is on the outside with zig-zag stitching), and a nice size pocket made from the stained white fabric.  Just the right size for little trinkets.

pocket and zipper  ^

Everything is stitched together in ruffles and waves to make the skirt quite full.. The waist of the skirt is basically quilted.  There are so many layers and folds and seams, it's impossible to see everything unless you're holding it..

Lots and lots of layers- you can see them best when sitting or spinning  :)

This is the left hip.. As you can see, there is a short lace-up.  It's not just for decoration, this makes the skirt very adjustable.  It's pretty cool actually, you can adjust it a bit for yourself and wear it high or low, and it can be worn by a wide range of sizes. 

There are more pictures on the diary page-



The Eva dress
:: $120.00 ::

I originally made it for a friend of mine to wear to a dance :)

This dress is made from the floor-length skirt of a HIDEOUS dress that I nabbed from a free box outside a vintage store downtown... I have to say it's a big improvement.  The bodice of the original dress was long sleeved, red crushed velvet with shoulder pads!  Blech.
I don't typically feel like a princess, but I must say I really felt like one when I wore this thing for the pictures  :)  Memories of childhood games come to mind, playing pretend in my great grandmother's old dresses, prancing around outside in dresses that were too big and drag the ground  :)   

(note: the white fabric in the v of the bust is not attached, I slipped it in there for the pictures... Turned out a bit low-cut for me.)

The lace-up in back makes the dress adjustable for a range of sizes.

The bodice of this dress has been "quilted" with white thread.  The bodice is covered completely with random, crazy, zig-zagging stitches.  It dips down at the bust and the edges are lined with light pink.  The straps are made from the same fabric as the built-in slip, they're about an inch wide. 

See the slip?  ^

The back laces up in a corset style with long black ribbons

.....And what dress would be complete without the crappy Chucky Ts??  :)

The built in slip is nice and sturdy.  The skirt is see-through and thin, so you can see the slip underneath.  It is longer in back and shorter in front.  In the front it hits above my knees.



 Bird of Paradise dress
:: $100.00 ::

This is the long awaited pattern-less dress!  Yay!  It took quite awhile to finish and I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  The bodice is a pretty dark purple color with a low waist.  There are tatters and scraps of fabric scattered all around the bodice, mostly in the back.  The skirt is sewn on in a really cool aqua blue color in crazy zig-zagging stitches.  The blue stitching is here and there on the bodice too.  Some of the bodice and details are sewn by hand.  The skirt is made up of layers of strips of fabric in tatters and rips and holes and rough edges.  Some pieces are longer and touch past my knees, and some are quite short.  They are all completely different lengths, a slip is recommended when out in the wind  ;)

Some of the tatters in the skirt creep up to the bodice  ^
The straps are tatters and strips of remnants from the skirt.  One strap is noticeably thinner than the other, and they are certainly not symmetrical.  On the back of the wider strap are two pretty little buttons that serve no purpose but coolness.  The white zipper is stitched down on the outside (rather than traditionally, the inside) with the blue thread in zigs and zaggs that reach out and poke the sides of the dress.  The zipper ends at the top of the skirt.  Above the zipper are five metal eyelets- two on the left and three on the right.  it laces up with thin black ribbon that trails down the skirt.  The back of the bodice is scattered thickly with bits of fabric from the skirt. 
Fabrics in the skirt:  soft, thin green corduroy- rust colored orange with a cool texture- off white lace- purple from the bodice- thin white linen- black- cream colored fabric with a pattern of light green birds all over- vintage scarf with a red, dark green, and white pattern.  The dress (obviously) gets it's name partially from the birds.

This dress is so fun to wear, I feel like some sort of faerie  :)


Magical Fish-ish Dress
[ sold ]

:: $60.00 ::

Strapless with a vintage metal zipper in back.  The main skirt is a shiny faux satin fabric in dark purple.  On the front right of the dress is a piece of elastic that gathers the skirt up a bit.  On the opposite side is a decorative rivet lace-up with black ribbon.  Underneath the purple skirt is a blue and gold fabric in a diamond pattern, and when it turns the color seems to change.  Hits just below knee length.  Seems a bit mermaid-ish.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this dress on the girl who bought it.. She was going to wear it to the opening night of the latest Harry Potter.



Ex-Ballerina dress
:: $70.00 ::

This dress took a tediously long time to create because of the patching.  A simple black, fitted, drop-waist bodice with a vintage metal zipper in back.  A patchwork skirt with pieces of old plaid shirts, dark green, burgundy, a pretty vintage teal diamond pattern, soft black, burlap, blue vintage corduroy, and tatters of wispy lace.  The hem of the skirt is simply made up of rough edged patches at choppy angles and different lengths.  Under the patch skirt is gold-ish yellow (soft) tulle.  Hits about knee length. 
Cute or creepy?  You decide.


Dead Flower dress
:: $70.00 ::
[ sold ]

The girl who bought it.. she's so sweet.  Looks great on her!

Fitted black bodice with thin straps and the front angles down into a V shape.  The back laces up with rivets and ribbon... shows some skin, but not much.  The skirt is basic, black, and hits about knee length.  Over the black skirt are strips and shreds of colored and patterned fabric.  Dark purple, dark green, pretty white lace with a flower design, black and hot pink stripes, and sort of a rusty brown-ish color with a diamond pattern.  A pretty wilted flower.




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I like the clothes you make look cool make some for boys and men. And mice.

x::november::x said...

Thanks! I've considered it, maybe when I get a little more established. Don't know about the mice though ;)