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Messenger bags... Big ones, small ones, nice medium ones.  Most of these bags have big messenger flaps and long straps that fit comfortably across your shoulders.  The main material is burlap, but I also use tea packets, grind-it-yourself coffee bean bags, antique seed bags, old clothes, curtains, vintage scarves, and countless bits and pieces of thrift store finds... You will never find two bags that are the same here -



Zombie Apocalypse messenger bag
in this style: $50.00

I just have to say, I'm loving this bag.  So I decided to keep it  :)
This bag is quilted like some of the clothes- crazy, hectic, and out of control.  The back of the bag and the messenger flap are the same piece (like most of the messenger bags), and the front and bottom/sides are of burlap.  (the fabric on the back and flap are quilted to burlap too)
You can see the burlap on the front is printed, I think that sack used to hold bulk coffee beans.. 

On the front of the flap some of the lace is hanging loose, and some silky bright green stuff is dripping off as well  ^

There's a dull green metal zipper here to hold the flap closed.. I cut it off of a pair of pants (the kind that un-zips at the knee to turn into shorts).  Basically a jacket zipper.

^   My travel size sharpies.  hehe.

Here's the back.  Fabrics used:  burlap (duhh), dark brown corduroy, coarse dark green stuff, thin rust colored fabric w/ black and gold diamond pattern, cream colored lace that's been around for awhile = so it's nice and soft, my favorite black and red striped fabric, black cotton mix, a couple strips of black and gray striped sport weight from an old shirt, some lovely dirty gray-ish stuff w/ a nice pattern of dull flowers in muted blues and white, and silky bright green stuff.

Here someone decided to take a picture while I was adjusting the strap-  It's got three different lengths with a gold metal buckle and three miss-matched black buttons to hold everything in place.  Really quite sturdy, and the adjustable strap makes it a lot more comfortable depending on how much crap you're in the habit of hauling around... Also, the strap is wider and the base and tapers thinner at the shoulder.  That helps too.

 Strap close-up.  Buttons and buckle to adjust length, and my personalization... a couple buttons.  ("music = life", and "scribble outside the lines, it really pisses some people off")     >_> 

It's 2012.  With a bag fit for a zombie I'm ready for the apocalypse.... are you?  :)


Recycled Tea Bag
in this style:  $30.00

This is made with recycled tea packets, burlap, and old pants. It has a messenger length strap, a small flap with a button, and a couple pockets.


 ^ this is the back


Messenger Bag
in this style:   $35.00

The outside is made of burlap, the inside is lined with three different fabrics:  pink roses, black and red stripes, and plain black fabric.  The strap is also lined with pink roses.  The burlap on the flap has a design of a red crown and black outlined lettering.  There are pockets on the inside.

The flap fastens down with two straps of dark green fabric covered in crazy stitches.  Two miss-matched buttons hold it down. 

I was getting ready to drop this one off at the store, and I realised I hadn't taken pictures of it yet... It was modeled last minute by my dear mother  :)


Messenger Field bag
in this style:  $35.00

This one has sort of a 'punk' edge to it...  Black and pink striped tatter details with hand stitching, black and white scrap patches are held down with crazy zig-zaggy stitching in pink and white thread.  The flap fastens in front with a big black and grey button.

This is the inside.  The lining on the flap (and the bottom of bag) is the same black and pink stripes as on the front.  There are three pockets and a pencil/pen pocket.

This is the back.  Those two strips of fabric wrap around to the front of the flap.

This is on one of the inside panels that goes on the side of the bag.  A cute little black heart balloon  :)

Close up of the patch on the front of the bag...


Adjustable Messenger bag
[ sold ]
in this style:  $45.00
This kind of bag has elastic in the front to cinch the opening a little.  There is also a fabric drawstring that runs through and ties at both sides so you can choose how cinched you want the cinching to be.... This one has six pockets- two under the flap for things like cell phones and other important stuff, and four on the inside.  Because this bag is so massive, the strap tapers thinner and then bigger again once it's past your shoulder.  Makes it waaaaaaay more comfortable.  There are tatters and details and decorations all over the bag, on the flap, on the back with the CL label, on the front with ((really awesome)) handmade pockets, on the inside, even on the strap- everywhere.  There is hand stitching here and there, it's a cool touch.

Here it is with the flap open.  There are two pockets on the front along with some lace at the opening.

That is one of the ties at the side- it runs all the way through a casing in the front of the opening and ties at both sides with black fabric.

This is the strap, two tatters and a cool button.

This is some of the inside, I used pockets from old pants on the interior.

Here's the back of the bag


Messenger Field bag
[ sold ]
in this style:  $35.00

This kind of bag has a shorter flap and fastens with a big button.  On the front of this bag is a patch of purple that has been "quilted" with crazy, random stitching in black thread.  There are also two smaller buttons on the patch.  On the back of the bag there are two long tatters.  One of them reaches all the way over the top of the bag and onto the flap.  The strap on this bag has some very cool detail work, a quilted patch like the one on the front, a matching tatter, and a broken yellow zipper.

Here's a close-up on the patch (front)

This is the strap 

This is the back of the bag.  Two ripped up hand stitched strips of fabric and the CL label


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