It's The End of the World..

Messenger Field bag

Made with burlap from coffee bean sacks. This particular sack had been scribbled on with black sharpie and has colored prints:  "save the rainforest. use jute", and random numbers & letters in columns.

 patchwork and zig-zagging "quilting" on the flap  ^

 The front and the flap, with a bit of the strap to the left..

Messenger Book bag

This was also a coffee bean sack.. "Coffee of Peru" with the flag below.  Zig-zagged, hectic quilting with scraps and selvages. This bag is rather large, great for books and a laptop.  It's very sturdy and has a tapered strap, making a heavy load more comfortable to carry...I've figured that much out x)

 To the left the strap is laid across the front..

The underside of the flap is the same white/pink floral print.

This is the back side.. "cafe de Costa Rica" with a rather extensive illustration..

Basic Messenger bag

I'm pretty fond of this one.. Colors: chocolatey brown, black silk, 
creamy light blue with dark navy/black leafy pattern, and a bit of black/red striped.

"Bird friendly" harvested coffee beans.

 The front of the bag (under the flap).  It accidentally came together looking a bit like abstract scenery..
that's what I'm seeing anyway.. lol

The back side.. Blue lettering and numbers... 
"certified organic", "bird-friendly", "fair trade coffee" etc..

Flap lifted to show the front

Thank you to Zach for taking some of the pics :)
I'll have them on the "bags" page too..  And some new Crash Landing clothes up soon too!


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