Some mending and alteration jobs

I've been busy.  Last week I had some jobs, and another to work on this week.  

This was hard- and with all the pins I had to use during the entire job, acupuncture might have been easier.  Possibly less painful... My hands hurt from blindly stabbing myself while wrestling with the coat trying to get it to sit right.
 Here I'm working on the mending job, the pockets were completely shredded and I was asked to make new ones for it.  The jacket is some sort of suede-ish stuff that would ruin easily if I messed up.. Had to open up the coat at the hem (which had elastic in it. ah.) and had to turn my brain around trying to figure out how to put the pockets in without letting the stitches show on the outside.  Made the pockets out of silky slick black stuff and lined it with some thicker, stiffer material so if the pockets decide to shred again no one will loose their car keys  ;) 

This is an expensive coat.  The sleeves needed to be shortened, and I was a little scared.  My typical methods of making things and fixing things are less than perfect, but for this I had to be really careful.  At first, I thought I would need to remove the sleeves from the coat completely, shorten them at the shoulder, and re-attach them... at the ends of the sleeves there are metal zippers that open for more wrist room, and I didn't think it would be good to mess with that- but after weighing my options I decided taking the sleeves up at the cuff would look nicer and have less chance of freaking out and ruining the coat..  Took off three inches, adjusted the zipper, covered the seams with bias tape, and finished it up.  Turned out pretty nice!

There's also some new stuff on the diary page-
more soon.. ish.


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