The Mad Hatter Dress

New dress and new style- "Mad Hatter".
Defined by the colors/patterns/quilting method and details.
Be looking for new bags and clothes in this style  :)

(I think this is my favorite dress so far..)

Pictures and description on the clothes page later-



Abbynoel24 said...

Oh my goodness, YOU MADE THAT?! Thats amazing

x::november::x said...

Thanks! :D

Thrift Ratchet said...

This is beautiful and crazy at the same time, I'm actually making my own mad hatter dress this year, and I've been looking forever for inspiration but all the other female mad hatter costumes are too slutty for me but this looks perfect thanks for the inspiration! :D

darth-abbey said...

Awesome!! You should send me a pic of your dress :D
I've noticed the same thing, not sure why people think "Mad Hatter" should imply slutty-ness...?
Go crazy!!

Thrift Ratchet said...

i will as soon as i finish it i love how you put all these different fabrics together like you can pluck it from the dress and add it to a hat, and i also love the ties? they looks like ties... i went to a thrift shop today and they had all these ties for a $1 each and they look very "Wonderlandy" haha :)

Thrift Ratchet said...

do you sell your homemade dresses? cause i would like to see more and purchase one from you :)

darth-abbey said...

yup! I sell them, that's kinda the set-up I've tried to go for with the blog.
I can make one custom for you, or you can pick a existing style from what I have on the blog and I'll make one like it for yah!
lemme know :)

Thrift Ratchet said...

yes definitely want you to make me one:D i can send you my measurements and whatever you need..do you have any other dress you've made, i love this one though i did buy ties that i could send you to pus in the dress, cause i was going to make my own like i said but i just dont have the time and id have to hand sew it all, i just bought a sewing machine and i havent quite figured it out yet, how much would you charge for a dress like this? and could you do it before halloween?

darth-abbey said...

I've got lots of ties, unless you want me to use the ones you have.. I will mention that this is NOT a cheap dress, it's very time intensive- which is fine, I can try and have it done by halloween. but it is not cheap.. (and dude, I can tell you right now- you don't wanna sew that baby completely by hand!!)

If you go to the "clothes" page (you'll see it at the top of the page right under the words Crash Landing) you'll see the other dresses that are available, as well as prices and descriptions..

If the Mad Hatter is out of your price range, give me your $ limit and I'll come up with a custom design for you to approve :D

Thrift Ratchet said...

i bought four ties and i think they are perfect for the dress on has red roses one is very colorful and has clock on it and the other two are just cool haha, and $300 is a little pricy for me right now i havent started my job yet but i do have money saved that i was going to use for my costume so i can do $150 but i might be able to pitch in a little more i love the mad hatter dress though alot