Freedom By Fashion show 2011

The show went really well, my lovely models did a great job!!

Here are a couple pictures of the friends who modeled for me.. There are a lot more pictures on the diary page too- and descriptions of each outfit.

All of the outfits were intentionally over-the-top... I wanted each to represent the idea of CL, even if that meant going crazy and a little obnoxious-
Next time though, I think I'll take a more "mature" looking approach to the outfits.. I wanted the models to be comfortable (hence the shirts underneath the dresses), especially since they had never done this before and they're a bit younger, but I think some of the stockings and chucky-Ts might have been a bit much.  Distracting from the dresses I think.. ah well, you learn as you go  ;)

Note:  I will be posting better pictures of the Mad Hatter dress and the blazer asap............. after looking at it more, I'm not real happy with how the blazer turned out- might need to do another.

- left to right -
James- "Lost Boy Blazer",  Evajo- "Bird of Paradise Dress"
Mariah- "The Mad Hatter Dress",  Laura- "The Wendy Skirt"

(we apologize for giving you weird looks.. we're all very tired. haha)
Thanks guys, you rock! 

Now go check out the diary page.

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