Fashion show update:

You may have seen in the previous post that I was considering re-constructing
a guy's blazer/suit coat/fill-in-the-blank jacket thing for the Freedom By Fashion show.  Well I did wind up making one, and I have to say it turned out pretty cool  :D  It's got scraps of burlap and red/black striped fabric patches and tatters all over with metal buttons and chunky vintage metal zippers.  It's actually kinda "steam punk".  Wish I had taken some final pictures, but didn't have time.

In order to finish the dress and the blazer, I had to stay up all night- two (very nearly three) nights in a row..... blehh.  Wasn't too bad actually (except for sucking on the instant coffee packets to keep from dying... that was a little gross), and I think I'm finally caught up on sleep now, so it's all good  ;) 

I have also found models for all four pieces in the show, and they are all friends of mine so it works out well  :)  The pieces that will be in the show are: 
The Wendy Skirt
Bird of Paradise dress
Lost Boy Blazer
Mad Hatter dress

Working on the new dress!  You can sort of see the bodice there, the whole thing is covered in strips and panels of fabric, neck ties, and silk scarves.  All of it painfully quilted, some of it by hand.  I can't wait to get some finished pictures up....

Check out the wallet page and the diary page, there's a couple new things  :)  And I'll be adding more soon (hopefully)



eva =D said...

can't wait =D, oooh and i love the name of the blaze!!!

x::november::x said...

Yeah me too! It's gonna be great :D
Heheh, does James seem like a "lost boy" to you? ;)