Awesome news!!!!

I've been asked to participate in the 2011 fashion show, "Freedom By Fashion" hosted by the Central ______ Stop Human Trafficking Coalition!!!  AWESOME.
Local designers and boutiques "will showcase their Fair Trade and/or Sustainable designs on the runway."  It is meant to bring awareness and prevention of Human Trafficking.  The fashion show will be on Sunday September 11, 2011.  I'm very excited, but obviously I don't have much time to get things ready, and I'm hunting for models (the deadline is August 30th)... 
So yeah, I'm sewing through the night.  Good for me every now and then, right?  ;)
I was actually not planning on getting into fashion show stuff, but this will hopefully give my designs some more attention!  

I will have four Crash Landing pieces in the show, you can see two of them here:
The Wendy Skirt 
The Bird of Paradise dress  
And I'm working on a new dress that is going to be sooooo cool... It's called "The Mad Hatter dress".  I'm very excited about this one  :)   
For the fourth piece I'm planning to re-make a mens suit coat.. Maybe.. Not sure yet. 

IF I have time I'll post some pictures of new products later (I'm embarrassingly behind on posting... obviously).  There's birthday presents and other gifts, and maybe a sneak peak of how the new dress is coming along!

I will also be taking plenty of pictures at the show, so I'll be posting those in September  :)  If you know me and would like more info on the show, you can email me at  CrashLanding321@gmail.com


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