It's The End of the World..

Messenger Field bag

Made with burlap from coffee bean sacks. This particular sack had been scribbled on with black sharpie and has colored prints:  "save the rainforest. use jute", and random numbers & letters in columns.

 patchwork and zig-zagging "quilting" on the flap  ^

 The front and the flap, with a bit of the strap to the left..

Messenger Book bag

This was also a coffee bean sack.. "Coffee of Peru" with the flag below.  Zig-zagged, hectic quilting with scraps and selvages. This bag is rather large, great for books and a laptop.  It's very sturdy and has a tapered strap, making a heavy load more comfortable to carry...I've figured that much out x)

 To the left the strap is laid across the front..

The underside of the flap is the same white/pink floral print.

This is the back side.. "cafe de Costa Rica" with a rather extensive illustration..

Basic Messenger bag

I'm pretty fond of this one.. Colors: chocolatey brown, black silk, 
creamy light blue with dark navy/black leafy pattern, and a bit of black/red striped.

"Bird friendly" harvested coffee beans.

 The front of the bag (under the flap).  It accidentally came together looking a bit like abstract scenery..
that's what I'm seeing anyway.. lol

The back side.. Blue lettering and numbers... 
"certified organic", "bird-friendly", "fair trade coffee" etc..

Flap lifted to show the front

Thank you to Zach for taking some of the pics :)
I'll have them on the "bags" page too..  And some new Crash Landing clothes up soon too!



Me VS the Machine; sewing & swearing.

As you know, I'm a seamstress...thing. 

Translation:   Some days, its me and the machine VS the fabric
That's when I actually feel like I'm working WITH the machine rather than against it, which, as it turns out, can be a rather painful game to play.... 

But most days, its me VS the sewing machine.  A battle of will and wits, and machinery obstinacy.
Yes, even the light bulb turns against me.. I have small burn scars from getting my hands stuck inside tight spots in the machine while trying to fix something.. then my fingers bump against the light and burnnnnn and I can't get them out. ow.

And needles. They break. A lot. And they attack my face. Like little demons.  But that's usually a good sign that the product will turn out really interesting.. And the thread likes to freak every now and then- it magically ties these cute little knots that binds the fabric to the machine and you have to take everything apart.  And sometimes the thread breaks and you don't realize you've been sewing along without thread for three minutes.  That's cool. 

Along with all kinds of other fun stuff..

But really, I love my machines.  I give them loving pet names.  My favorite machine was made in Germany, its all metal.  Its really heavy, like 60lbs.. I call it the boat anchor.
My other favorite is set in a table, it can flip inside and hide.  Its a freakin beast, it runs like a lawnmower.. even sounds like one.  Therefore, the lawnmower.
I don't know how many machines I have.. probably too many.  My favorites are all metal, none of that crappy plastic nonsense.  Old machines are lovely.

 "We are the children of fire, we are the lions. 
We stay when all have deserted, because we were born to fight. 

I was stitching up burlap and leather all day.. that always makes me happy, but the materials are most of the reason why the bloody machines get so temperamental.  Everything went pretty smoothly today though.. except for the smoke coming out of the machine, and the needle stuck in my eye..and my finger got cut off.  Nah. haha.

 ^ all that's left of the burlap sack I dissected..
and I'll probably convince myself to save them for something x)

All this to stitch up nontraditional fabrics with nontraditional methods, to make traditional things.. hum.  worth the pain?  I think yes.  I put blood sweat and tears into all this Crash Landing stuff ;P 
Even if I'm poor for the rest of my life, at least this satisfies the creative streak.. most of the time ;)



Punk Baby..

I made this for a friend's baby recently.. "I love my mummy"

The top part of the dress was a little onesie, but I was afraid it wouldn't fit the pudgy baby.. so I chopped off the bottom half of the store-bought onesie and made a pretty lil punk skirt :]  
Now baby will have a nice cute and creepy, chaotic dress to wear for Halloween ;)




Wedding dresses and alterations...

[ this is part of a post from yesterday on my personal blog.. read the rest of it here ]


“A wedding!  I love weddings-- drinks all around!!”  - Captain Jack.

Yesterday I went to a wedding for a friend of mine.   It was a very nice wedding, and after-party (I can call it that, right?) was pretty fun.  I helped make the bridesmaids dresses and helped alter the store-bought wedding dress, so that’s partially why I’ve been so busy.  Actually that’s a lot of why I’ve been so busy...

Along with needing to hem it a bit, the dress was too big up top.  So after much debate we ripped open the back of the dress and removed part of the zipper.  That was my job :) heheh.  Needless to say, Bethany was a bit nervous about me coming anywhere close to her dress with a seam ripper.  

Where the zipper had been, the fabric was folded back in an upside down triangle to make way for my favorite way of closing dresses…. A lace-up!  Yay for Bethany for being brave!  :D
She attached plastic rings under the opening and made a bias ribbon (the one in the picture is not the one she used) to thread across the opening.  It’s long enough to trail along behind her, but it would also work for her to just tuck it out of sight into the dress.

(front of the bodice)

 So yeah!  this is what I've been working on :) 



The Dead Flower dress comes to life-

Since I never actually posted this dress when I first made it, I thought I would go ahead and post it now because someone has finally bought it :)
So this is the lovely girl who bought the Dead Flower dress last month!  Made some minor adjustments and alterations, and then I gave up the first dress I made for Crash Landing... I had forgotten how much I love this dress, and after working on it again it was a bit difficult to hand it over!
Nah, just kidding.  Kinda.  But it was really cool to actually see someone wearing the dress, and I think it looks great on her- 

I'm definitely not getting rich with Crash Landing, but I love it when someone wears something I have put time and energy and brain power into.. especially when they enjoy it.  That makes the work worth every second  :)
Thanks Brooks!  



Expressions of Vader

this is a re-made (guys') Walmart t-shirt.  I love Darth Vader.

clothes page!



New punk jewelry sets

[ check out the jewelry page for some info on set pricing and more pictures ]

Soda tab and scrappy fabric hair bow (on a pin/clip thingy)

Soda tab and scrappy fabric earrings

soda tab and wire bracelet with hook&eye clasp.  
(this one can convert to a cuff with a removable scrappy black fabric ruffle)

all on the jewelry page!



DIY custom jeans

I got bored while I was sewing the other day, and happened to be holding a seam ripper.  (for those of you who might not know what that is, it's like a small really sharp knife) and started poking it into my plain gray skinny jeans.  The pokes turned into rips, and then I put safety pins across the tears.  Later in the day I got bored again and started writing the name of the song I was listening to onto the leg of the jeans:

"Dear X, You Don't Own Me" -by Disciple.  Check it out, they rock.

Re-make your jeans!  :)  



Guy's pants arm bracer

This is made from the crotch of a pair of old faded green-ish pants and crazy stitching.  
I loved this one so much that I made one for myself too  :]

More pics on the jewelry page-



Girl's scrappy arm bracer

Check it out on the jewelry page-



Falling behind..

I was seriously going to put some good pictures on here of that skirt, but now I'm on vacation and forgot to bring it with me.. so hopefully when I get home I'll finally have some time to actually take the pictures.

And by the way, I'm working on a new dress too. yay! It's gonna be really cool.

I think I do have some arm bracers to post though, I'll put those up tonight or tomorrow.



Some mending and alteration jobs

I've been busy.  Last week I had some jobs, and another to work on this week.  

This was hard- and with all the pins I had to use during the entire job, acupuncture might have been easier.  Possibly less painful... My hands hurt from blindly stabbing myself while wrestling with the coat trying to get it to sit right.
 Here I'm working on the mending job, the pockets were completely shredded and I was asked to make new ones for it.  The jacket is some sort of suede-ish stuff that would ruin easily if I messed up.. Had to open up the coat at the hem (which had elastic in it. ah.) and had to turn my brain around trying to figure out how to put the pockets in without letting the stitches show on the outside.  Made the pockets out of silky slick black stuff and lined it with some thicker, stiffer material so if the pockets decide to shred again no one will loose their car keys  ;) 

This is an expensive coat.  The sleeves needed to be shortened, and I was a little scared.  My typical methods of making things and fixing things are less than perfect, but for this I had to be really careful.  At first, I thought I would need to remove the sleeves from the coat completely, shorten them at the shoulder, and re-attach them... at the ends of the sleeves there are metal zippers that open for more wrist room, and I didn't think it would be good to mess with that- but after weighing my options I decided taking the sleeves up at the cuff would look nicer and have less chance of freaking out and ruining the coat..  Took off three inches, adjusted the zipper, covered the seams with bias tape, and finished it up.  Turned out pretty nice!

There's also some new stuff on the diary page-
more soon.. ish.



So, this is a little weird...

I would like to briefly mention the fact that I have successfully constructed a women's "undergarment" out of old pants and a t-shirt.  Yes I feel a bit odd posting about this, but heck, I was excited.
I'll have pics of that (on the duct-tape mannequin...) and the Apocalypse bag, and a new skirt SOON.



Zombie Apocalypse bag

New Messenger Bag, and new style-  "Zombie Apocalypse".
Defined by the colors/patterns/quilting method...

So yeah, I will be making a dress (soon) in this style.  I also randomly started working on a skirt yesterday.  It used to be a pair of pants, but it's been zombie-ed.  I'll put walk-through pics and results up soon  :)  Keep checking back for more new things in this style!

This one's all mine.  ;)
It's 2012.  I'll be ready for the apocalypse.

More on the bag and diary page later!


Recycled Tea Bag

Constructed with emptied organic tea packets.
It's a good thing I love to drink tea ;)

More details and pics on the bag page-



Coming Soon...

Blogger is currently not cooperating.  We had a big fight, and we're not on speaking terms..
SO just a short update on the Diary page for now, nothing terribly exciting....  :)

There is more coming though, (as soon as Blogger apologizes) two new bags- a Tea bag (that you can partially check out ^), and a very insanely cool messenger bag that is quilted like the dresses... a lot like the Mad Hatter dress (without the neck ties).

Annnnnnnd, I have exciting plans for a new dress (!!), annnnd I just found some great stuff while thrifting today that will allow me to re-make another guys Blazer thing!  Yay!
Hopefully this one will turn out better  ;)

So yeah!  more soon-



New Soda Tab and Scrappy Fabric Jewelry-

More jewelry stuff.... 

new earrings...

new necklaces...

new rings...

Check 'em all out on the jewelry page!



Forgot to post... Arm Bracers!

This stuff is from last month, but I forgot to post it  ;)
Guys, girls, and unisex.... There's close-ups of each set on the jewelry page.
(The cardboard display backs were almost more fun than the bracers!)


Got some weird looks for laying stretched out on my stomach in a parking lot taking pictures of some fabric and scrappy cardboard.... haha.